There are 10 Online Databases covering all your student majors.  Please use the links below for placing your order in secured online store.

Student Majors and Online Databases:

1. Administrative Occupations: ADMIN-H1B
2. Business Mgmt. and Admin:  BUSI-H1B
3. Computer Science and Information Technology:  IT-H1B
4. Education & Research: EDURES-H1B
5. Engineering: ENGR-H1B
6. Languages & Journalism: LANGUAGES-H1B
7. Life & Health Sciences: LIFEHLTH-H1B
8. Mathematics & Physical Sciences: MATH-PHYSCI-H1B
9. Medical, Dental, Health (Patient) Care: HEALTHCARE-H1B
10. OTHER Disciplines:  Not listed above

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[ss_product id=’3da7ec1a-bf99-11e6-905a-62790de5cb24′ ]Schools – Multi-User any 3 Databases[/ss_product]

Custom Package:  In case any of the standard packages doesn’t meet your specific need, please send an e-mil to   We will be delighted to send you a quotation.