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Please note:  The updated version of  database(s) are highly searchable and sortable than what has been presented in the above video.  

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Fresh H-1B filing employers listed in Online Database…. Ideal for candidates seeking H-1B visa for the first time.  (Cap-Exempt as well as Cap-Subject)

H-1B Transfer employers listed in Online Database.
Ideal for candidates seeking H-1B visa transfer as well as those seeking H-1B visa for the first time.

H-1B Cap-Exempt Employers listed in Online Database… H-1B applications under Cap-Exempt category are NOT subject to annual quota. Year around sponsoring.  Start your job on H-1B visa immediately after approval; no need to wait for months. Detailed Article

Online Database contains thousands of firms in America, in all disciplines, known open, willing, needed to, and actually filed H-1B paperwork with the US Government for sponsoring international professionals.  

Using the links in the database you can navigate to employers sites and apply for current job openings.  

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in US and Abroad

Work and live in the US. Success belongs to the one who plans ahead, has a strategy, and takes proactive steps.  Follow the time proven solutions, negotiate with sponsors, line up multiple job offers,  and choose the best (money, location, duties). Don’t delay. Act today.

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US International Students 

The biggest challenge international students face when they graduate is finding an employer willing to offer a job with sponsorship. With recent tightening of US government regulations its critical that you find employment on OPT within a limited time after you graduate. Online Database contains sponsor friendly employers for you.  We have helped thousands of international students during the past 2 decades. We can help you too. 

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 US Schools Career Services,  with its databases covering all student majors and workshops for international students, has been assisting career services offices at US schools for  the past 2 decades.  We would like to be part of your solution in assisting your international students.

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