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Online Database of sponsoring employers.  Most authentic & dependable information.  Source:  US Government; value added.
We have been helping international  professionals for over 24 years. We can help you too.

H1visajobs.com Focus - International professionals in the US and abroad, and international students in the US,  seeking employment in the United States on H-1B and OPT.

Orders received before 9 PM EST (New York time) are processed the same evenving.

Take advantage of H1visajobs.com Products and Services...
  • Sophisticated searchable Online Databases of H-1B Sponsoring Employers.

  • Fast Track Personal 1-on-1 Consultation with Subject Matter Expert.

  • On-Line Webinars and University On-Campus Workshops.

Contact companies "on your side" for fruitful results.
  •  Online Database contains thousands of firms in America, in all disciplines, known open, willing, needed to, and actually filed H-1B paperwork with the US Government for sponsoring international professionals.  
  •  Using the links in the database you can navigate to employers sites and apply for current job openings.  
  •  Find your H1 sponsor in H1visajobs.com Online Database today.
Do not wait for time to tick away on you!
Would it help you to speak with a subject matter expert?
 Uncover secrets for "your" landing a job with sponsorship.  Learn what works for "you" based on "your" selling points in the perspective of sponsoring firms.    

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From the desk of the President, H1visajobs.com. 
H-1B applications year around under Cap-Exempt Category
When sponsored by Universities, Non-Profit Research Organizations, and Government Research Institutes.

Get a job fast with H-1B sponsorship. For your success, H1visajobs.com Online Databases clearly tell you which employers are:
  H-1B Cap-Exempt Employers... Ideal for candidates "currently" seeking H-1B visa for the first time since Cap-Subject quota is anticipated to be finished in early April 2014. H-1B applications under Cap-Exempt category are NOT subject to annual quota. Year around sponsoring.  Start your job on H-1B visa immediately after approval; no need to wait for months.  
  H-1B Transfer employers........  Ideal for candidates who are already on H-1B visa and looking for transfer to another H-1B employer for better job prospects, as well as for candidates seeking H-1B visa for the first time.
  Fresh H-1B filing employers.... Ideal for candidates seeking H-1B visa for the first time. 

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